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Habit Trackers Don’t Have To Be Boring

I want to do a quick post about my trackers. I have a history of using trackers for a while. Back in my semester scheduled days, I would either print or draw out the entire semester calendar and put it on my dorm wall. When I was really into it, I drew a little picture of myself on a post it and moved it along the calendar.

Now that I am no longer on that kind of schedule, trackers help me even more. They are an essential part of my favorite flavor of planning. While I don’t react well to micromanaging the events of my day, I do still need to get things done and build good habits. I like to do my habit trackers on a monthly spread. This is the only kind of tracker that I use for now.

I have found it is really satisfying to fill in as many habits a day when the tracker is very colorful or has a fun picture. I also like how I can easily track certain things for a month, which is a short, digestible stretch of time. Even if you have a new year resolution, if you track it for a month, it is much easier to wrap your head around.

I started seriously tracking my habits in November of last year, so here are my trackers from November 2019 to September of this year.

I started simple, with just 4 things to track. Whether or not I wrote, exercised, ate a fruit, and ate a vegetable. The squares got a little confusing to me, though.

I kept the same habits in December, but made them triangles, which was much easier to keep track of. I also did a bonus habit of doing a particular Christmas themed workout video.

In January, I wanted to track my word count on my writing, which I did separately on the bottom left hand side.

I didn’t write in February, and I started tracking Yoga.

I forgot I did Zumba every day in March! Because Zumba is such a happy workout, it really helped me transition.

In April, I got brave and started tracking 6 things, with a more interesting tracker. I had more time to do more at home workouts. I did this underwater siren motif because I had a sticker that said “April” from a Glam Planner mystery grab bag.

April showers bring may flowers – my first month where I tried to make a picture.

Here is June, Rainbow and Proud. Each color represented a different “habit,” so I had to have 7. This month I was really into physical challenges. You know the ones – 30 day squat challenge.

August was my peach month, and this was probably my most creative tracker with the best results.

In August, I tried to do something too confusing. I made each day a little bit more spiraled than the last day. I chose good colors, but otherwise, I was not a huge fan of the concept in the end.

In September, I got a little more complicated again. I went up to 8 different habits to track, and I even put more little asterisks when I wrote more than one blog post. CMonsterYK theme!

After September, I needed to step back from daily tracking in this fashion. I took a break completely in October…

…then in November I only tracked my steps and my word count for Nanowrimo.

In December, I did I different kind of tracking – I didn’t track habits at all, and I took the time to enjoy time spent with my family and relaxing mostly. Instead, I did a doodle a day.

Having tracked so much this past year, I don’t find it as important to track certain things every day. Even after taking a sizable break from things like exercising or writing or meditating or eating fruits, I still feel like I got back into the habit without much resistance. I have been sticking to mostly the same 4 basic habits this whole time, but I haven’t felt the urge to include anything else. Perhaps when I get back to habit tracking, I will have another urge.

I know that if I ever get off course, or if I there is something I need some self-made accountability or inspiration, I can always start another habit tracker. I will make it pretty and fun, too.

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