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Hello, friends! Kuro here. Today, I want to talk about Kuro Kuro. 

Kuro Kuro is there to help define YOU! 

Everyone has a unique way to interpret their experiences, and a different way of looking at things. On top of that, each time we have a new experience, our way of seeing things evolves. We make thousands of decisions about everything we choose to keep in our brains. These tiny, invisible decisions we make have immense power to change our lives. Kuro Kuro is a way to be a little bit more aware of those decisions.

So…What is Kuro Kuro?



  1. an acceptance that a statement is true or that something exists.
  2. A particular attitude or point of view, a way of considering a matter

Syn. Outlook, viewpoint, notion, belief, concept, tenet

Have you heard of a Rorschach Test?

It is a test where the test taker is shown an abstract picture and asked what they see.

Sometimes the pictures are inkblots like me!

All of our different experiences shape our biases, so we could all see different things in the same picture.  Nobody sees things completely for what they are.

So what do you see?

How do you feel? 

Why is it important?

The different ways we see the pictures can speak volumes about what has happened to us in the past. It can shed light on how we are feeling in the present. It can hold our hands while we navigate what is important in our futures.

What we might be missing

We are sensing countless pieces of information every second. Observing the world around us is a constant, full time job. Everything we see is like another Rorschach Test that we are giving ourselves. 

There is so much information we have to take in and interpret. But we can’t carefully dissect every aspect of life and consciously consider every little thing. Our brains are not equipped with the ability to take in and store everything that happens. That would be inefficient and completely unnecessary. So as soon as something happens, our brains get to work:

Is this worth remembering?

What about this do I need to remember?

How do I feel about this? 

Is there anything I don’t understand about this that I can fill in with past experience?

So already, fact is getting filtered as it is going into our brains, and most of the work is being done subconsciously. We don’t even know what we might be missing.

What everyone else might be missing

This process gets complicated even more when we are being told something from someone else. Your brain has more complex questions to answer.

Why is this person telling me this?

Is it true?

Is it important to me?

What kinds of subconscious filters did this other person use to interpret this information in the first place?

What filters do I have in place because of my relationship with this person?

Know Yourself More Courageously

Sometimes it’s easy to get on the hamster wheel of life and forget why you’re doing the things you do, and why you’re learning the things you learn. It’s easy to never ask yourself why, and even easier to never answer. And if you never answer why, life just happens around you.

Nobody else can really tell you what you want. And if you never answer these questions, you won’t do a very good job of it, either.

But is there anything we can do?

We can’t always control our subconscious, split-second decision making. So we have to approach this a different way. We can be more aware of what is happening, and why we make decisions. We can give credence to all of our experiences. We can be flexible so that if we realize new information about our biases, we can work to improve them. 

Your needs and wants are uniquely yours, and they are completely valid. 

When you learn things, and form opinions about what you care about, and what is important to you, you start to understand what your needs and wants are. It’s a constant lifelong process. It takes practice, but it is worth it. 

The art of Kuro Kuro is the joyous exploration of finding out what feels right, and finding out why. It is the highest way to take care of your heart, soul, and mind.  

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